Privacy Policy

    The St. Croix Curling Center is committed to collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information responsibly and to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of such personal information.

    Personal information includes information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your address, telephone number and e‑mail address. However, publicly available information, such as a public directory listing of your name, address and telephone number is not considered personal information.

    We have adopted the following privacy policy that guides how we collect, use and disclose personal information about our members and prospective members. Our intent is to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information against your reasonable expectations of privacy.

    1. Definitions
    In this policy:

    • "Business" means the business of operating the St. Croix Curling Center which includes the Web site;
    • "Membership" means a membership in the St. Croix Curling Center;
    • "we", "us", "our" and the "Center" refer to the St. Croix Curling Center located at 2489 Itasca Ave S, Lakeland, MN 55043, USA  and/or;
    • "Web site" refers to the web site found at;

    2. Collection of Personal Information
    Our primary purpose in collecting personal information from you and about you is to ensure the provision of high-quality products and/or services. We only collect personal information from and about you that we consider necessary for achieving this purpose and to permit us to conduct the Business diligently.

    3. Use of Your Personal Information
    We may use the personal information we collect from and about you to:

    • ensure the provision of high-quality membership services;
    • inform you about online and offline offers, membership services, updates and events (including expiry and renewal of your Membership);
    • enable us to contact you;
    • establish and maintain communication with you;
    • assist us in complying with legal and regulatory requirements;
    • invoice you for products and/or services;
    • collect unpaid accounts;
    • enable a corporate re-organization, a merger, or acquisition with another entity;
    • provide you with information concerning the business operation of the Center.

    We may also use your personal information as may be described to you at the time of collection. We may compare and review your personal information for errors and omissions and for accuracy. If you choose to provide us with your financial information, we may use your address and financial information to bill you and to provide associated support. We may use personal information about you, in a non-personally identifiable manner, to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to analyze Memberships, to improve our content and product offerings, and to customize our Web site's content, layout, and services. These uses are to enable us to improve the Business and to better tailor the Business to meet your needs.

    4. Disclosure of Personal Information
    As a matter of policy, we do not sell, rent, or lease any of your personal information to third parties without your explicit consent. However, there are a variety of circumstances where we may need to disclose some of your personal information, including the following:

    • We may disclose your personal information to an individual who, in our reasonable judgment, is seeking the information as your agent. For example, we may provide your personal information to your legal representative if we are satisfied that the individual is requesting the information on your behalf.
    • We may disclose your personal information as may be required by law.
    • We may aggregate personal information and disclose such information in a non-personally identifiable manner to advertisers and other third parties for marketing and promotional purposes.

    5. Control of Your Password
    You are responsible for all actions taken with any user ID and/or password used to access the Web site. Therefore, we recommend that you not disclose your password to any third parties. If you choose to share your user ID, your password, or your personal information with a third party, you are responsible for all actions resulting therefrom. If you lose control of your password, you may lose substantial control over certain personal information. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately change your password.

    6. Access, Review, Change, and Destruction of Your Personal Information
    You may access, review, and/or change the personal information we have in our files by submitting a written request to do so to our Privacy Information Officer at the address below. We ask that you promptly advise us of any changes to your information. Upon your written request, we will destroy, as soon as reasonably possible and in accordance with our internal policies and applicable law, any and all personal information that we have in our files about you. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will retain in our files some personal information in order to enable us to collect any unpaid accounts and/or as may be required by law.

    7. Other Information Collectors
    Except as otherwise expressly included in this Privacy Policy, this document only addresses the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information we collect from and about you. To the extent that you disclose your personal information to other parties, different rules may apply to their collection, use, or disclosure of such personal information. Since we do not control the privacy policies of third parties, you are subject to the privacy policies of such third parties.

    8. Protecting Your Privacy
    The personal information that is retained by us is kept in a secure environment and we use reasonable procedural and technical safeguards to protect your personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorized access or disclosure. While we employ many different security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the Center, we cannot ensure perfect security, particularly in relation to the Web site.

    9. Amendments to This Policy
    We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by mailing (including regular mail and email) any amended terms to you or by posting the amended terms on the Web site or at the St. Croix Curling Center. All amended terms shall automatically be effective five days (5) days after mailing or on the date of posting.

    10. Privacy Information Officer Access, Questions, or Concerns
    The Privacy Information Officer for the Center is the Club President.

    If you wish to access, review and/or change your personal information contained in our files or if you have any questions or concerns about our privacy principles outlines above or about our practices, please contact us at:

    The St. Croix Curling Center
    2489 Itasca Ave S, Lakeland, MN 55043, USA

    Phone: 651-600-2547
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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