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                                                                                                     Established 2018

    The St. Croix Curling Center (SCCC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit (EIN 83-1764140) also doing business as the St Croix Valley Community Center, located in Lakeland, Minnesota, is offering Curling League games on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons at the St. Mary’s Point Hockey Arena - 2489 Itasca Ave S, Lakeland, MN 55043. The SCCC facility has 5 sheets of ice, converted each Sunday from the hockey arena.

    Currently the Center is working with the City of Stillwater and the City of St Mary's Point in the planning stages of building curling rinks dedicatedc to the sport of curling. For more information on the St Mary's Point dedicated curling rink, click on St Croix Valley Curling Center

    The game of curling started on the frozen river beds of Scotland in the 16th century. In recent years the sport has grown with increased interest after it returned as an Olympic sport in 1998. The recent Olympic gold medal win for the U.S.A. Men’s team has made this a sport that everyone is talking about and many want to play.

    The Twin Cities area has 6 curling clubs with SCCC to be the 7th. Besides the St. Paul Curling Club which was established in 1912, there are now curling clubs in Frogtown in St. Paul, Blaine, Chaska, Richfield, and Lakeville (Dakota).  Without any curling opportunities on the eastern side of the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin, a team of individuals has worked to establish the St. Croix Curling Center. Hopes are to build a curling facility at some point in the future.

    The game of curling is a sport for all ages and is a great way to become involved in the Spirit of Curling. The SCCC encourages families, friends, and neighbors to join as a team or individually.  While a team (rink) of 4 participates on the ice for the game, due to everyone’s busy schedule it is encouraged that a rink has 5 or 6 team members to make sure all games are played.

    990 Tax Returns for the St. Croix Valley Curling Center can be found online at Guidestar. Click here for more information.


    Click the link below to watch a short video regarding the opening ceremony of the St Croix Curling Center:

    St Croix Curling Center Opening Ceremony

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    St. Mary's Point Ice Arena
    2489 Itasca Ave S, Lakeland, MN 55043, USA

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