SCCC Covid-19 Safety Protocols

    Safe Curling During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    The St. Croix Curling Center is instituting safety protocols to allow the 2020-2021 curling season to proceed with modifications to improve safety considering the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety guidelines were developed based on recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health, Centers for  Disease Control, United States Curling Association (USCA), and the experience and practice of other curling organizations around the world. The safety protocols will be revisited and adjusted throughout the 2020-2021 season, as new developments and recommendations evolve. St. Croix Curling Center  Members will be required to agree to each of the protocols upon registration.  

    1. For the health and safety of all: 

    • Masks or face coverings over the mouth and nose will be required for everyone who enters the facility.  
    • Masks or face coverings over the mouth and nose are always required inside the facility, including during gameplay. 
    • Social distancing will also be required from all participants. 

    2. Members, volunteers, visitors, and staff must not enter the Center if they are experiencing ANY  symptoms.  

    • Symptoms include fever, chills, body aches, fatigue, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, congestion,  cough, shortness of breath, or chest pain. 
    • A large sign containing the safety protocols will be posted at the entrance door as a reminder as well. 

    3. Members, volunteers, visitors, and staff must not enter the Center if they have knowingly been exposed to COVID-19. 

    • Members may return to play 14 days after the date of exposure if they have not developed symptoms. 
    • Members are encouraged to not participate in leagues for 14 days if they have recently returned from any location considered a COVID-19 hotspot or have been in a high-risk situation where social distancing was not possible (e.g. airplane, protest, etc.). 

    4. Individuals with high-risk health conditions should consider taking all or part of the season off. 5. All common/high touch areas (bathrooms, door handles, etc.) will be disinfected frequently. 6. Hand sanitizer will be provided wherever appropriate. 

    7. Contactless Payment by Credit Card will be strongly encouraged and all payments will be made ahead of time on the Center’s website.

    Approved by the SCCC Board of Directors: September 24, 2020 Page 1 

    8. All Locker Rooms and changing rooms will be closed and not be available. 

    • Members should arrive dressed and ready to play. 
    • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the league start time 
    • Shoes can be changed at the Home End of your playing sheet or in the bleachers. Please observe social distancing guidelines at all times. 

    9. No gathering, socializing, or mingling in the lobby before or after games will be allowed. 10. Only ice technicians should handle ice making and preparation equipment. 

    11. When cleaning the ice after a game with the push brooms, players should wear gloves. 

    12. Games will generally be 6 to 8 Ends with the Leagues beginning at 2:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. All games beginning at 2:30 pm. will conclude and all players exit the facility by 4:30 p.m. All games beginning at  5:00 p.m. will conclude and all players exit the facility at 7:30 p.m. including securing Center equipment.  

    • League times may be adjusted to ensure adequate time for the additional cleaning requirements as well as to limit the number of people in the Center room during shift changes. 
    • No extra ends will be played. Any ties when playtime expires will be resolved with a Skip’s Draw with one rock for each team thrown by each team’s skip. The team with the rock closest to the button will be declared the winner. 

    13. Members will be strongly encouraged to purchase and use their own personal curling equipment.  Some sanitized Center provided brooms, stabilizers, and step-on sliders will be available. 

    14. No Handshakes or Elbow Bumps before the start of games. A simple “Good Curling” or “Good luck”  will suffice. 

    15. Stone colors and the hammer will be assigned randomly to avoid sharing coins and unnecessary close gatherings. 

    16. Do not touch any stones, other than the ones you are throwing. 

    • All players are encouraged to wear gloves throughout the game. 
    • All players retrieve their own stones for shooting. 
    • At the completion of an end, one player from each team (typically the person in charge of the  House) should use their feet to clear their team’s stones from play. 
    • At the end of each game, one member of each team should clean their team’s stones.

    Approved by the SCCC Board of Directors: September 24, 2020 Page 2 

    17. Only one sweeper will be allowed per stone. 

    • No relaying the sweep (i.e. sweeper cannot switch with teammate halfway down the ice). 
    • Skip/Vice-Skip also should not assist with sweeping, and only one sweeper rule will still be kept in the house including behind the T-Line.  

    18. Non-delivering team Skip may not enter the House until it becomes necessary to sweep behind the  T- Line or opposing Skip relinquishes control of the House. 

    19. When measuring, players should wear gloves when handling equipment, and all players should maintain social distancing. 

    20. Non-delivering team locations: 

    • Skip stands behind the playing end Hack. 
    • Other players stand near the center of the ice or well behind the Hacks. 
    • Always social distance from other players on your sheet and neighboring sheets. 

    21. Delivering team locations. 

    • Skip in the House. 
    • Shooter in the Hack. 
    • Single Sweeper at the near T-Line. 

    22. Visitors and spectators (either by members or non-members) will be required to maintain safe, social distancing at all times. 

    23. If a Member tests positive for COVID-19, the Member is obligated to contact the Center via e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 24 hours or receiving the positive results. If the member  participated in leagues within 5 days of becoming symptomatic: 

    • The Board will hold an immediate meeting to review each positive COVID-19 case and make a  determination about closing the Center on an incident by incident basis. 
    • The Board will make every effort to alert other Members via email that participated in League play on the day of question that a participant recently received a positive diagnosis.  

    The member must follow all current CDC guidelines on ending isolation before returning to leagues.  (Please note the differences if you are immune-compromised.) 

    • It is critical that all Members can trust fellow Members to follow the safety protocols regardless of whether an individual agrees with the protocols or not for the safety of others, therefore, the safety protocols will be strictly enforced.

    Approved by the SCCC Board of Directors: September 24, 2020 Page 3 

    Approved by the SCCC Board of Directors: September 24, 2020 Page 4

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